Goals for 2017


  • Finish overview videos for all current spacecraft: ProgressCygnusKounotori, and Dragon
  • Finish specifications, history and video overviews for past and future space station vehicles
  • Increase blog posting to 3 times per week
  • Create space station overview page with info on each module


  • Create full vehicle entry for the Dream Chaser Cargo System
  • Add an orbital map and video on front page
  • Create an Expeditions page with info on all past expeditions and an entry for the current expeditions

Future Goals

Start script and begin filming History of ISS series by early 2018
Contract with a part-time freelance writer or video editor
Create a catalog of space station racks and their histories.
Create a list, with bios, of astronauts that have flown to ISS

Have and idea?

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