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The International Space Station in October 2018. Credit: NASA

The International Space Station in October 2018. Credit: NASA

Expedition 59 Flight Engineers Anne McClain and Nick Hague (both NASA astronauts) ventured outside the International Space Station to begin work to replace batteries on the outpost’s P4 Truss segment.

Called U.S. EVA-52, it was originally expected to be conducted in fall 2018, however, the in-flight abort of Soyuz MS-10 with Aleksey Ovchinin and Hague forced the indefinite postponement of this spacewalk. Hague and Ovchinin, along with Christina Koch, launched to the ISS in Soyuz MS-12 on March 14.

Hague and already-aboard McClain put on spacesuits and exited the outpost via the Quest airlock at about 12:05 UTC March 22, 2019. The two worked to replace the aging nickel-hydrogen batteries on the 2A Power Channel over the course of about seven hours.

The lithium-ion batteries were brought to the ISS inside the unpressurized section of the Japanese-built Kounotori 7 cargo ship and were stored on the exterior of the outpost. The work is a continuation of a years-long process that began in 2017.

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