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IDA-3 being prepared for launch. Credit: NASA

IDA-3 being prepared for launch. Credit: NASA

Two NASA astronauts are scheduled to install International Docking Adapter 3 during a spacewalk. It is expected to involve Nick Hague and Drew Morgan.

IDA-3 was brought to the ISS via the CRS-18 Dragon cargo mission. It is located in the spacecraft’s trunk section and is expected to be removed via the robotic Canadarm2 by mid-August. It will then be placed just in front of Pressurized Mating Adapter 3 on the space-facing port of the Harmony module in preparation for final installation by the spacewalking astronauts.

Currently, the plan is for Hague and Morgan to venture outside the ISS via the Quest airlock on Aug. 19. During the 6.5-hour extravehicular activity, the duo will work to firmly attach the new docking ring, officially allowing the space station to support two commercial crew vehicles at the same time.

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