BEAM in high-res

The Bigelow Aerospace Activity Module as seen from the exterior of the station. Photo Credit: NASA

The Bigelow Aerospace Activity Module as seen from the exterior of the station. Photo Credit: NASA

With the installation of a high definition camera during the U.S. spacewalk earlier this month, the exterior of the International Space Station can now show images and video in high resolution.

That includes the docking or berthing of visiting vehicles such as Progress, Soyuz, HTV, Cygnus or Dragon. But it can also mean really neat, clear pictures of the structure of the orbiting outpost.

In this case, NASA released a really neat high-resolution picture of the Bigelow Aerospace Activity Module better known as BEAM  from an angle that wasn't from a window on the ISS.

The camera was installed Sept. 2 during EVA-37. Astronaut Jeff Williams rode the end of the robotic Canadarm2 to the work area just below the port end of the P1 truss segment where an antenna with standard cameras and a light already were.

The HD camera was added along side the standard definition camera. While Williams was there, he swapped out a light bulb.

In the coming months and years, it is safe to say more HD video from the exterior of the station will be seen. This is something that has been lacking (as it hasn't been a high priority) since the end of the space shuttle era.


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